Crucial for the Supply Chain

The packaging is often the least expensive part of any product, yet at the same time the most strategic part. At Royal Sens we are therefore very aware of our responsibility within the supply chain. We invest in knowledge of the processes within the supply chain, so that we can speak the right language for each process. There is always a strong focus on food safety.

A Trusted Name

Royal Sens has been producing labels since 1896. We now have four branches in three countries and we have grown internationally to become a trusted name in the modern packaging industry. With around 230 employees, we produce nearly 9 billion wet-glue labels and flexible packaging items annually. We supply 17,000 active SKUs and handle more than 16,000 orders in ten countries.

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For A-brands and Private Labels

Royal Sens mainly supplies the food and beverage industry, but also manufacturers of household and pharmaceutical products. Our customers include almost all the leading European producers of premium brands, plus a large number of private label producers.

Personal service

As a Royal Sens customer, you are assured of a personal service at a premium level. We like to think with you and do not shy away from a challenge. With us you have your own Account Manager as your daily point of contact, and we keep you informed of every step towards delivery of your product.

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Exactly what you want

The market is changing and Royal Sens is changing with it. We respond quickly to trends and invest in new techniques and the knowledge of our people. With our modern machinery we make quality products that are delivered according to agreed specifications.


All order details are continuously recorded in an advanced registration system. This way we can quickly provide you with insight into the status of your order and trace any problems quickly. The latter makes us a highly valued partner for producers of, for example, baby food or medicines. All communication between you and us is recorded and can be viewed by you via an online platform.

Tangible Security

We work according to the strictest standards for quality, hygiene, working conditions and safety. As tangible proof, we have various certificates from independent bodies that test us every year.

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