Our Solutions

Royal Sens produces labels and flexible packaging for the (animal) food and beverage industry in particular. In all our products we offer our customers the assurance of maximum continuity and food safety.

Paper labels

Our paper labels can be found on all kinds of items, such as baby food and IV fluids, but also beer, soft drinks, vegetables and cleaning products.

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Plastic labels

Royal Sens plastic labels are mainly used for soft drinks (wrap-around), but also for canned food (Can2Label) and baby food. We supply the plastic labels either banded per 1,000 or on a roll.

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Flexible packaging

Royal Sens produces flow packs and primary packaging for the food industry. Such as film packaging (flow packs) for biscuits, fruit snacks or chocolate.

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Easily Utilised

A team of specialists ensures that you can process the materials we use (paper, plastic, inks and varnishes) without any problems.

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