Plastic labels

Royal Sens plastic labels are mainly used for soft drinks (wrap-around), but also for canned food (Can2Label) and baby food. We supply the plastic labels either banded per 1,000 or on a roll.

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Can2Label: The Smart Alternative

Can2Label is a smart alternative to printed tin packaging. It ensures that manufacturers can change designs more quickly and can significantly reduce their (inventory and logistics) costs. Several Royal Sens customers have successfully switched to Can2Label, for example for baby food and canned meat products.

Give Your Label Extra Power

Royal Sens can give your plastic labels more added value with matt and glossy effects. Printing transparent foil, for example, when applied to a glass jar, gives the opportunity to present more of your product. For temporary promotional purposes, we can provide your plastic label with a unique number.

Consistent Quality, Low Production Costs

Our plastic labels are manufactured for optimum reproduction and consistent quality, using the most efficient production methods and techniques. Moreover, you are assured of trouble-free processing.

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A team of specialists ensures that you can process the materials we use (paper, plastic, inks and varnishes) without any problems.

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