More classrooms for Ivory Coast

At Royal Sens, we have long had a highly developed sense of social involvement. It is not for nothing that we support various charities that we have a warm heart for. The most recent example is Unicef’s Plastic Bricks. A project with the motto: ‘Plastic waste: building blocks for the future’.

Two Birds with One Stone

Plastic Bricks focuses on a poignant two-fold problem in Ivory Coast; 1.6 million children and young people do not go to school. At the same time, the African country has to deal with huge amounts of plastic waste that is hardly recycled. As part of Plastic Bricks, mothers and young people are now being trained in collecting and processing this plastic waste, after which they can sell it for a good price to UNICEF’s recycling plant. The factory then literally turns it into plastic building blocks for the construction of new classrooms. Two birds with one stone: a cleaner living environment and more children who can go to school!

Appropriate For the Business

What makes our participation in Plastic Bricks extra nice is that it fits so well with Royal Sens’ business. Plastic Bricks is mainly about recycling plastic bottles; a product in which we as a label manufacturer are directly involved. This is a very appropriate way for us to take our responsibility. We are therefore proud to be part of this special project.

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