Royal Sens Expands with the Comexi CI8 Press

Royal Sens invests in its future with the purchase of the Comexi CI8 offset rotary printing press. The Comexi printing press is a 7-colour plus lacquer printing press, specially developed for the use of the Equinox multi-colour system. A first in the Netherlands that makes two of our company’s ambitions a reality.

New Packaging Options

On the one hand, the Central Impression (CI) of the Comexi CI8 allows us to offer a wider range of product options to our customers. The big advantage of CI, in which all printing works are placed around one central impression cylinder, is that the tensile forces on the foil during printing are much lower. This also makes it possible, in addition to the existing products, to print more flexible films such as PE, OPP and the like, which are often used in packaging.

In addition, the Comexi with its innovative Electron Beam (EB) ink drying ensures that all its printed matter is printed with Low-Migration EB inks. These inks therefore do not migrate into foodstuffs and are also less harmful to the environment! Finally, with EB drying, the ink adhesion to the printed material is also greatly improved.

Solid Capacity Expansion

In addition, we are doubling the capacity for rotary printing with the arrival of the Comexi CI8. The maximum printing width is increased by 40% and with the ancillary equipment of automatic roll change systems for both unprinted and printed rolls, the printing press no longer needs to be stopped for reel changeovers.

The Way Ahead

With the arrival of Comexi’s CI8 offset rotary press, we are showing that we look to the future with confidence and courage. In addition to our label specialism, we see an expansion into new packaging markets. If you want to know what this means for your possibilities as an existing or new customer for our company, you can always contact us. We will be happy to inform you further.

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